Getting to know me

Hello fellow educators! I am so excited to begin blogging! As I shared in the “About” tab, I have always been passionate about teaching! I love teaching and I especially love learning!

In the Bronx, we don’t start school until September 8th. However, I have been planning and coordinating since I returned from my vacation in July. I am a special education teacher in a co-teaching setting (2 teachers in one room) and I will be teaching 4th grade this school year. During the 2015-2016 school year, I was a 5th grade special education teacher in a co-teaching setting. I learned so much about my students but even more about myself.

I can’t believe it is August already. This was my first summer “off” as a teacher. Although, I feel like I haven’t stopped working! Whether I’m laminating and cutting center activities or researching the latest crazes in the field of education, I have not stopped!

Anyway, look out for my next post in which I will share with you some of my ideas for my 2016-2017 classroom!

When do you start school again? What are you doing to prepare yourself? Please share!


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